Returning after you resigned

Returning after you resigned

There have been some spectacular returns to the workplace. Some have faired well whilst others have tarnished their reputation. A few famous returns that come to mind include Chelsea's Didier Droga and of course Apple's Steve Jobs.

Old Photo of Steve Jobs who returned to Apple as CEO.


It’s hard enough returning to work after not working for a large portion of the year. Returning to  the same workplace you resigned from last year makes it a little bit more challenging. To be honest though, it’s probably more of a mental challenge than anything else. It’s about getting over the “fear” of what others may think or believing that you've failed for returning. At the end of the day you've got to do what's best for you. 

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Work is a little or a lot like exercise. After not doing it for a while, it feels foreign and difficult. Everything around you is telling you to not bother with it, but then reality sinks it. You’re feeling sluggish, seeing fat deposits in areas you’re not use to seeing and probably hearing comments from others like “you look like you’ve put on a few” etc. Well with work, I suppose the signs are when you look at your bank account and start to get a bit nervous, you find yourself skimping on that extra piece of sushi because you’re not sure you can afford it or become a hermit because it's cheaper to stay indoors!

However, after a few sessions of exercise, you start to feel better, your body is a little more co-ordinated and things aren’t that bad after all. The “endorphins” are released into the blood stream and suddenly you’re feeling on top again. I suppose, once a little bit of income returns, you do feel better too…

So while writing this blog, I’m actually completing my third week of work. Fortunately, for me I’m only doing part time hours so I can stay focused on The Kit Source. This means there's less pressure at work and I’m getting enough money to pay the bills. I was also fortunate that I stepped into a role that is not super stressful and the people I work with have been very nice and welcoming. It certainly helps with any anxieties I would have had for returning to the same organization.

My resignation was not as dramatic as this guy!

Another reason I think it’s been easy to come back was the way I left. It wasn’t because I was under performing like some sports managers or had crazy scandals like some CEOs. I left on my own terms and had positive relationships with my colleagues and my bosses. Furthermore, I resigned because I wanted to pursue further education and travel. I had always planned to come back to Australia but I wasn’t expecting to start an online business that would consume so much of my time and energy. I guess this is where I’m meant to be right now and I'm quite happy with the situation.

Change isn’t always bad... I’m back at work but in a different capacity and I feel refreshed and really focused. When I’m at work for this organization, I work to my fullest capacity and delivery the quality I’m known for but when I’m done with my shift, I switch off and immediately focus on my other tasks! It’s currently a win-win situation as I’m filling in gaps for them and they’re providing me with an income. I’m enjoying the situation and can’t wait for The Kit Source to kick off in a few days!!

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Are there any other famous returns you can think of? Comment below.

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