S%#* just got real

S%#* just got real

Tomorrow's the big day. We're officially launching. We're so excited!

Image: Homer's excited, too!

We're confident in our idea, partly due to the fact that every single person that we've told about The Kit Source's eyes have lit up. We've had a constant outpouring of Kit ideas from friends and family, many of whom we've had to say 'yep, that's already on the list'... Our 'future Kits' list has probably already reached 100 ideas. We've been working on this for months, and we're constantly being inspired by our surroundings and situations that we or our friends have encountered.

It truly has been a busy few months. We've hit a bunch of challenges, but also been super inspired and motivated by each other. There are also a number of other people, without whom The Kit Source may never have gotten off the ground:

  • Thanks to my Parents for receiving so, SO many product deliveries when we've been out at our day jobs. We've also taken up so much space all over the house hiding stock and packaging (sorry ma and pa, it's only gonna get worse!). In addition, I have to thank my brother for answering the multitude of dumb web questions that I've sent his way.
  • Next, our friends from all over the world. When the idea initially came to us in Berkeley, we had a few friends (um Gabby, I'm looking at you), who greeted our idea with feisty enthusiasm and made us even more determined to give it a go. Same goes for all of Khai's Global Business M crew; we've said it before and we'll say it again: we've never met a bunch of more positive and entrepreneurial spirits. It seems Cal is where ideas are nurtured to their potential. 
  • To our friends back home. In particular Ray, thanks for spending craploads of time re-jigging the website for us, just for a bowl of pho; and Adeeba from bornewithlove.com, thanks for random office chats about web stuff and sharing the excitement of starting new online projects. 
  • And to everyone else - if we've told you about The Kit Source before today, it's because we value your opinion and want to thank you for your feedback, support and enthusiasm.

Warm and fuzzy feelings aside, the main question is, will it work? We say YES because of all of you! We're working the social media puzzle, but we're also relying on you to spread the word. This is a great solution to getting a range of unique party supplies conveniently. 

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If you know us, believe in us, or just can't wait to buy a kit, let people know and don't forget to tag us @thekitsource and/or #kitsforliving on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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