Done is better than perfect

Done is better than perfect

I'm not a perfectionist; I'm a step or two away from being a perfectionist. I have a threshold before I give up - and I usually reach that threshold when I'm hungry or sleepy. If I'm well rested and have just consumed a burrito, I'm much closer to getting things perfect. BUT with The Kit Source, I may never reach perfection for many tasks… why? Things just need to get done.

I've heard the phrase 'done is better than perfect' thrown around lately, and as an almost perfectionist, it's hard to let go of that goal, especially when the task is ‘your baby’. Also knowing that potential customers make immediate judgements about your brand, makes me feel queasy about releasing things before they’re ready.

You see, I’m stuck in what I’ll label as ‘The Event Coordinator’s Mentality’. I’m so used to having defined end dates, where everything must be completed for that one particular event - there’s no chance to perfect things later. This is probably where I get the tendency to plan, plan, plan until everything’s 100 per cent ready, then BOOM ‘day of’ comes and all your work is out on the table. No going back.

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With The Kit Source, it’s very different. It’s a process, not a defined project. This week, we’ve told a few more family, friends and co-workers about The Kit Source, and we’ve seen a small spike in traffic to the website. When I first saw this my heart stopped, not out of excitement, but out of dread. I thought to myself, ‘it’s not ready for people to see!!’. I got over it though… there was just too much to worry about.

I’ve realised that’s the key - just keep going. Get something done, as close to your vision of perfection as you can. Just because something’s done, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be perfected later. Done doesn’t mean ‘not finished’ or ‘done badly’, it just means that something else can be ticked off the list - a list that grows each and every minute with the flow of new ideas and inspiration.

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It must be time for a burrito.

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