Party Kit Prototype

August 03, 2014

Party Kit Prototype

Last week, Khai's soccer teammates were the first to try our the Outdoor Party Kit, and it was quite a success.

If you've grown up, or are simply living in Australia, you've undoubtedly attended many picnics or BBQ's, whether in a suburban park, or just in a mate's backyard. You'll also know that there are some party supplies that you usually need - and sometimes forget. 

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We started serving food on the palm leaf plates and people were like ‘Hey, cool plates’… Khai and I knew we were on to something. We explained what The Kit Source was about, and specifically that much of the Outdoor Party Kit was eco-friendly (i.e. biodegradable, recyclable, compostable and/or made of sustainable materials), and it seemed to generate even more interest in what we were doing. 

Explore our first ever Party Kit: Outdoor Party Kit


A number of other things accompany the palm leaf plates in the Kit: compostable cutlery, sugarcane/bamboo napkins, paper straws, cups, sunscreen, bbq seasoning, a bottle opener, biodegradable compost and trash bags… most of the things you might need to take when you’re having a picnic or bbq, plus a few more. The aim with this Kit is to take some of the stress away - you've got enough to worry about when you're trying to work out the number of guests versus the number of sausages they'll eat.  

After a few people saying 'hey, does anyone have a bottle opener?', Khai gave me that 'I told you so' look. The bottle opener was the last and probably one of the most important additions to the Kit.


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