Backyard Blitz with my Brother

August 06, 2014

Backyard Blitz with my Brother

They say the best time to plant anything new or move plants around is Spring time. Too bad no one told us when we decided to "clean up" my Mum's Garden in the middle of Winter!!


Image: Before and after shots of the garden

Every time my mum decides to leave Australia to visit family in Vietnam, my Brother Benny and I decide to do some sort of home project for her. The story normally goes like this:

  1. Mum goes overseas and warns us not to touch any of her stuff or change anything in the house.
  2. We think about complying for a second and then decide to ignore her warning. We talk about what needs doing for her house and Decide on a project. Plan the work, buy the materials and start working on it.
  3. At some point during the project, we question ourselves why we're doing it because the work is backbreaking but get over it and remember it's for Mum! We complete the project and totally surprise ourselves with the quality.
  4. Mum returns, yells at us for not listening to her, complains about the changes and always says the same thing - "who asked you guys to touch my stuff" and "you guys never listen to me!". Eventually she embraces it and thanks us by cooking food or buying food (she rarely voices her thanks).

Good news is that she likes the new garden. Bad news is she will need to replant a lot of them because we "accidentally" killed them during the numerous attempted relocations. Benny and I wanted to make her garden a little bit nicer but more importantly accessible. She turned the "BIG 6-0" this year and has found it slightly more difficult to garden. We thought it was vital she is able to keep gardening as she loves growing her own fruit, veggies and herbs. From the photos, you can see that the garden lacked paths before it and therefore made it dangerous for her or anyone else when accessing the garden.  

I hope that by cleaning it up, adding the footpaths and some benches, the garden will be easy to access for many years to come! I'm looking forward to eating her food made from the produce she grows. Over the years, she has grown countless types of fruit, veggies or herbs in the garden including lemons, bananas, mandarins, papaya, chillis, basil, dragonfruit, lemongrass, mint, (don't know the name in English but in Vietnamese it's translated to "need water") and many others that I don't know the names of either!

BTW Lassie loves the garden too but he has restricted visiting rights since he is a fellow plant destroyer! Hope you like the finished product!!!

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Please note Benny and I are not professionals haha...

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