Choosing a Charity to support - PetRescue

Choosing a Charity to support - PetRescue

It was relatively easy for us to narrow down the type of charity we wanted to support. If you don't know already, Lel and I absolutely adore dogs and truly see the value of their companionship. However, we also understand that other animals may bring the same love and affection for fellow Aussies. For this reason we believe that PetRescue would be the ideal charity to support. 

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Pet Rescue Poster

PetRescue was started by three pet lovers from Perth, Australia in 2004. They connect pets who are lost or have been abandoned with Aussies looking for pets to adopt. To date, they have helped Aussies adopt over 150,000 pets! That's truly amazing and we want to support their efforts. You can find out more information on the PetRescue website or follow them on Facebook.


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