Dog Sitting!

Dog Sitting!

While my family were away for the week, I had to look after the family dog - Lassie. I can't believe this blonde fur ball is 12 years old as he still looks like he's 5! If you've ever met me, it's most likely that you've met Lassie. For anyone wondering, YES!! he is a male dog with a female name haha... Why you ask? Well, we named him after the first dog we had in Australia and because it's easier for my Mum to pronounce. Makes sense right? 

Image: Cordy and Lassie 

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It was nice to look after him and for the two dogs to play together but he was definitely homesick! It took a while for him to get comfortable but we did the best we could for the situation. It's unfortunate that he's recently become partially deaf and has been challenging to get his attention. I always tried to make sure he knew when we were around so he doesn't get startled. He was pretty happy to return home once the week was over. I thoroughly enjoyed having him around and always miss him when he's not around. I mean we did spend a lot of time together when we were both growing up, so it's only natural! In future, I'll be bringing these two together again for play dates... If you have the chance, check out a short clip of them "playing" together.

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