Technology is Amazing!

Technology is Amazing!

After skyping with some friends who are currently in the Phillipines, I took a moment to acknowledge how great technology is. It's crazy to think how far we've come in just the short time I've been alive. I would never have thought in high school that I could speak to friends or family from overseas so easily and for FREE. Back then, you either bought a phone card because your home plan didn't permit it or pay fairly expensive rates on your home phone!

Cordy working hard

Image: Cordy supervising our work

I was told that "absence makes the heart grow fonder". Do you think the ability to chat and actually see their faces has made the feeling of missing someone less intense? In addition to being able to message and/or chat regularly, family and friends can be bombarded with all your photos and status updates on various social media platforms. Does this make your adventure less exciting for them or is more exciting because it seems like they're sharing your journey? In my opinion the latter. No one likes a bragger anyways, so it's better for them to stay updated!

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I don't feel as homesick when I travel now. I think it's a result how easy it is to communicate whenever and mostly wherever with loved ones at home and maybe because I'm getting older? This may seem strange to some but I usually miss the dogs the most haha. I just love seeing their faces and I always attempt to get their attention, failing every time. If you've ever been on the receiving end of someone trying to get a dog's attention on Skype, facetime or just the phone - you'll know how ridiculous it sounds. Either way I'll keep doing it when I'm away because it reminds me of being home.

Can't wait to see where technology takes us in the next five years and i'm particularly excited by these Virtual Reality Headsets currently being developed by Oculus.

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