Week in Review: Pizza and Pulp Fiction

Week in Review: Pizza and Pulp Fiction

Below is an image showing a little bit of how this past week has gone. My concentration has definitely been broken, due to one big factor – ‘real world’ work. After the luxury of spending 6 weeks working solely on The Kit Source, the dream had to end, and I had to go and make some money.

Pulp Fiction

Image: Quotespics.com

The week wasn’t a complete write-off, however, as Khai was able to get going on some key tasks. From selecting accounting software and our new car, to confirming the finalists in the “who should we ship our kits with” contest.

Another (slightly more official) contest that we ran was a logo design contest. Crowdsourcing graphic design is very popular at the moment, and we thought we’d try it out. We wanted something relatively affordable, and we also had no idea what sort of thing we were after. We also like the idea of being able to outsource something to someone (quite possibly a student), anywhere in the world; a true reflection of globalisation! The outcome of the logo design contest will be shown on our updated website, sometime in the next couple of weeks. It’s been a real challenge trying to compromise between the styles we personally like and the styles we assume our customers will like. The lucky thing is, we feel like we’d be potential customers of The Kit Source, so hopefully we get it right for all of you out there.

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Not much else to report – inventory has been trickling in, and we’ve had to troubleshoot due to some inconsistencies between original product descriptions and actual delivered product. Expected hiccups, I suppose. Have I mentioned that we’ve never done this before?? 

Plans for the week ahead? Too many to mention! But one main thing we hope to achieve is the gradual launch of social media. I do praise any small business that manages to stay on top of all of the social media channels – they are a wonderfully effective tool, but require some serious time and effort!

Until next week… 

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