Choosing a Logo - You know it when you see it!!!

Choosing a Logo - You know it when you see it!!!

It was an extremely exciting week for us filled with much anticipation and angst! Have you ever had a decision to make but didn't know which one to make? Sometimes when you take the a step back, it sort of just comes to you...

Image: Winning Design by La Cynn

We had a design contest to create The Kit Source logo and found the process both affordable and simple. Fortunately for us, Lel had some idea about what she wanted the logo to represent. I've got to be honest (this is coming from someone who is does not have a background in design), it was very hard to envision the logo. After being impressed with a number of designs, we provided feedback to the artists and designs were tweaked before we settled on one! I was just amazed when the final design came to us, I actually got off my seat and felt really excited. At this point, I knew this was the one and so did Lel! I really hope you all like it too!

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FYI we used 99designs to run our contest, we paid for the basic package, guaranteed the standard prize money which attracted higher quality designers and the whole process took approximately seven days. It was relatively streamlined and communication with the designers was easy. Most responded quite efficiently and seemed enthusiastic enough. The great thing about the process the turnaround was short and we had submissions from all over, which in my opinion is better than ideas coming from only one person. 

Bath dilemma - product testing!

Tired after a week of gruelling activities including soccer and futsal, I decided to have a bath for the first time in ages. I'm still relatively new to the act of bathing haha I DO shower regularly, so don't worry... I tried out this new bath product which the Chief Curator (Lel) purchased for one of our kits and I wasn't quite sure if I was meant to leave it in the bath like a tea bag or rip it open? At first, I left the bag in the bath like a tea bag but after 5 seconds I realised it wouldn't work and decided to open it up and poured the natural goodness in. The bath bag smelt really nice and had real flower petals! However, I don't think baths are really my thing even though it did relax my muscles for another week of living...

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