I love my new job.

I love my new job.

I've spent the most part of my twenties trying to 'discover' what I wanted to do for a career. Here's how it went:

During high school: "I want to be an architect".

After high school:  "I want to be an event manager".

After uni: "I want to be an interior designer"

After design school: "I want to be an event stylist"

After floristry and wedding design courses "I want to open an online store!"

Hmmm. So how did I end up here, in the ecommerce world? Looking back, there are a few common characteristics for all of the above careers: creativity, organisation, project management. Tick, tick, tick. I have all of those skills, and luckily they roll up nicely into a little package with the online store venture. My adoration of online shopping also drove the decision, after our time living in the States and having access to some really excellent retailers.

The best part of this job so far has been the shopping (or in more industry appropriate terms 'product sourcing'). I've spent hours and hours sourcing products for kits and so far I love it - it's a little like buying gifts for your friends. Time passes by so quickly, and when that happens, you know you love your job.

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There are some other really great things about the job - working with Khai is pretty darn good; we have complimentary skills. It's also such a delight to see the initial idea turn into reality. It really has been an unexpected/unusual dream come true.

Image: Khai and I knew The Kit Source was going to become reality, it was a sign from the almighty Panda Express (American fast food chain).

One of the most important things for me has been creative control. Khai will agree that I really care about how things look, sometimes to my detriment. I won’t buy from a website that has issues with its design, or plain and simply doesn’t work. We both have a high standard and I hope this translates to the finished product that we’re releasing very soon.

The process hasn’t been without challenges though! The worst part so far - waiting. Waiting for stock to arrive, waiting for suppliers to respond, waiting for the day we can publish everything on the site and make that first sale.

Not coming from a retailer/buying background has meant I’ve had to learn a lot along the way. It’s not as simple as buying a product and stocking it in our Kits. Firstly, we are technically a ‘startup’, we don’t have a reputation as yet, and it was very difficult to approach suppliers and say ‘hey, let us stock your brand, we’re gonna succeed, I promise’. We’ve been very lucky to work with some companies that allow small order quantities, and even some small Aussie businesses that are trying their luck, just like us. 

But, we know luck only gets you so far. There will be many more challenges ahead of us, but we know we’re in this for the long haul. There hasn’t been one single person that hasn’t supported our idea. When we explain what The Kit Source is all about, it’s only ever been greeted with smiles and excitement, and that’s another reason why I love my job - we get to bring a little happiness to others’ lives.

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