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FEATURED PARTY - A day in the park for Lockie

June 01, 2016

FEATURED PARTY - A day in the park for Lockie

This is the first in our series of FEATURED PARTY posts, highlighting some of our amazing customers and their REAL parties.

First up is our loyal customer Caz.. take it away Caz:

  • Who was the party for? Lockies 2nd birthday 
  • How many guests? 30
  • Venue? Local park

Teddy bear's picnic in the park

  • Why did you choose to build a Custom Party Kit? I had used the Superhero Kit previously for Finn's birthday and loved everything about it. For Lockie's 2nd birthday I went with a Custom Kit as we were having a teddy bears picnic and I wanted something that would tie in with a wood / blue and red theme.
  • What was your favourite part of the day? Seeing Lockie's face when he saw the teddy bear cake I had made for him (thanks to Pinterest)

Teddy bear's picnic party

  • What sort of food/cake was on the menu? We had beautiful gourmet sausages on fresh rolls with a variety of salads.  Something nice and easy so we could enjoy hanging out with everyone.
  • Why was it important to celebrate this occasion? It was the first party we had thrown for Lockie and we wanted to make him feel special. 
  • Two tips for other party planners? Pinterest and plan ahead so that you can research your idea and pick up bits and pieces over time. 

Teddy bear's picnic party theme

Thanks Caz for this awesome recount of Lockie's party. I absolutely LOVE the cake! Thanks so much for letting us be a little part of the day, and I hope we made party planning a little simpler for you. 

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