Customise your party theme!

March 01, 2016

Customise your party theme!

We are unbelievably excited to announce a brand new, never before seen product, exclusive to The Kit Source!
You'll now be able to build your very own custom Party Kit, using our proven party formula and the CUSTOM KIT BUILDER. AH-MAZING.

Tropicana party theme, created with the Custom Kit BuilderFiesta party theme created using the Custom Kit Builder
Our exclusive Custom Kit Builder is a handy platform for you to build your very own Party Kit! It's a seamless web app, guiding you through the process of choosing your own plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, straws and favour bags, to match the theme of your choice!

We started The Kit Source to make it as simple as possible to prep for a party. We create gorgeous Kits of boutique party supplies, so you can have your party sorted in only a few clicks. But we realised that wasn't enough, many people wondered if they could 'edit' a Kit, or create their own. Well, now you can!
With all the amazing, unique party themes out there, we simply couldn't create a Kit for all of them. We all love to customise what we purchase, to match our own style or preference. So now, the power is in your hands, you can create a Party Kit for any theme imaginable! 
All those other party stores have lots of lovely products, but rarely do they help you purchase exactly what you need, for the amount of guests you'll be having. Most stores leave you to your own devices, styling your theme, as well as working out how many plates or forks you need for your number of guests. We've put it all into a handy app, to take the guesswork out of party planning.

Rustic party theme created with the Custom Kit BuilderNautical party theme created with the Custom Party Kit Builder
It's easy! First, you launch the Custom Kit Builder HERE. If you'd like a demo, check out the snappy video on the page. Next, you simply work through the steps, selecting each of your party items. Revisiting any previous steps if you change your mind. Once you're happy, you simply add it to the cart and you're done!
Sophisticated metallic 30th birthday party theme from The Kit Source
  • We have a great range of party decorations, but if you'd like to choose your own, we're going to launch a Decorator Kit Builder in April 2016 - WOOHOO!
  • Also, at this stage, the app works best on desktop, but it WILL be made mobile friendly soon. 
  • Finally, want to 'edit' one of our Kits? At this stage, we're keeping our exclusive Party Kits just that - exclusive! We're still going to be launching gorgeous party themes and packaging them into fancy party packs throughout the year. But one day, we may have some of our most popular kits pre-loaded in the app, so you can simply edit as you please. (For now here are our ready to go Party Kits).
We hope you have fun creating your own themed party kits, and as always, we'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback, so get in touch via
If you need inspiration, We've put together a number of sample looks into a swanky look book below, so you can get some inspiration for your very own Party Kit.
Some of our favourite looks include the metallic luxe, Tropicana and nautical themes (above). Use the look book as your inspiration, or build your very own Kit from scratch.
If you've got an event coming up and need to take care of your party supplies in one go - why not build your Custom Party Kit now? 

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